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Monthly Archive for: November 2011

Helping others become homeowners protects your home’s value and builds stronger communities.

Posted November 23, 2011

Doing your part to help other Americans gain a foothold on the homeownership ladder doesn’t just help them. You’ll benefit both your community and your own pocketbook. When people move from renting to owning a home, they’re more likely to vote, get involved in community groups, and care about their home’s appearance. The children of…(Continue Reading)

Five Great Things about Homeownership

Posted November 10, 2011

Five Great Things about Homeownership by Carla Hill If you’ve been on the fence about homeownership, now is the time to take a leap! Don’t let the negative press deter you from one of life’s greatest joys. Take a look at five short and sweet reasons that homeownership is great! 1. Equity. When you pay…(Continue Reading)